Jesmonite exterior mouldings

A jesmonite column on the outside of a building

Jesmonite external mouldings

Jesmonite is a strong and lightweight material that can be moulded and cast to create decorative enrichments and cladding for columns and walls. We typically use Jesmonite to create external building features due to its ability to simulate stone, granite and marble. However, we can also produce mouldings containing metal particles that behave like the real thing but are cast to shape. These ‘Flex Metal’ gel coats are both lighter and cheaper than the equivalent pieces made in metal. Also any of our Decorative Plaster Mouldings can be created using Jesmonite.

More information explaining Jesmonite Casting & Moulds is available here.

To request a sample or discuss the benefits of Jesmonite in your development or restoration project please contact us.


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