Ceiling Mouldings

Decorative plaster moulding and tools

We understand that, for many rooms in great houses and grand public spaces, the finishing decorative touches are the most important for leaving a lasting impression. As one of the country’s leading plaster crafting companies, we are more than capable of assisting when you need your interior design and architecture to inspire a sense of awe in your guests. When you require carefully crafted plaster ceiling mouldings to achieve this, either from your own design ideas or ready-prepared pieces from our catalogue, we will be prepared to help.

Speak with us on the phone or send us an email today if you have been searching for ornamental ceiling features of a superior quality. Our staff will be ready and waiting to discuss the specifications you have for your planned project.

Types of Decorative Mouldings for Ceilings

We offer several types of plaster ceiling mouldings for decorative purposes in public and private spaces:

To create the piece you have requested, we will fashion a mould from a clay model that has been hand-finished by our own specialist team. This presents you with the opportunity to design something distinct for any interior or exterior space.

We are also able to offer a match-to-existing service, whereby we will recreate all or even just part of an existing moulding. To do this, an impression mould (known as a site squeeze in the industry) will be taken of a suitable section. For instance, if you required a corner section of coving replicated, we would take this impression mould from another corner in the room. This will then form the basis of a replica mould, which will then be used in the manufacture of the replacement section.

Our Fine Material Selection

Each of the ceiling mouldings we provide, whether they’re a bespoke design created with the purpose of restoring the features of an Edwardian property, or ready-made and intended to complement the chandelier installation of a completely new build, will be made from fibrous plaster as standard. However, we are also able to offer a lighter, stronger alternative under certain circumstances.

Jesmonite (GRC) is this alternative, as it is able to replicate almost any surface, colour, or texture you need. It can even be used to create or restore features found on the exterior of properties as well, if this is required.

If you wish to find out more about the other types of plasterwork we will carry out, please explore this website or speak with us today.

For a Quote on Masterfully Crafted Ceiling Plaster Mouldings

If you are in need of delicately made bespoke plaster ceiling mouldings, or even ready-made pieces if you are not looking to replicate unique original features, please speak with us on the phone or send us an email today. One of our members of staff will be waiting to speak with you about the details of your intended project. When we have confirmed your order, we will then carry out the work to your exact specifications, with the professionalism you should expect from a firm of our reputation.

We are fully committed to the exact replication and restoration of any design or item brought to our workshops, as well as to producing the individual decorative pieces that you have conceived from your own design ideas. No matter if you need to save Victorian or Edwardian features from the adverse effects of architectural ageing, or would like your modern home to offer ultramodern focal points to impress your guests, we can provide everything you need.

We will also be happy to offer you an estimate for the price of this work. Contact us today and one of our members of staff will be waiting to discuss this with you. Alternatively, if you would like to see examples of what we can achieve for your property before any particular features are discussed, please see our portfolio of projects.

What We Do

We dedicate our time and services to providing customers with intricately crafted mouldings for walls and ceilings, designed and manufactured to their own specifications and fulfilling all restoration and decorative requirements. You may also rest assured that we are capable of carrying this out for interior and exterior spaces from any given time period, for any particular feature, from corners and architraves to individual ceiling roses and panels.

So, whether you require assistance with the repair of original Victorian or Edwardian features, such as ceiling panels or roses that enhance the appeal of a room’s chandelier, or would like your new building or refurbishment project to reflect the cosmopolitan style of ultramodern architecture with minimalist cornices or coves, we are the only team you should need to call.

How We Do It

As the property owner or manager, we will consult with you on every aspect of the work you have planned or wish to carry out. In some specialist cases, we may also seek advice from architects, interior designers, project managers, and heritage experts. This ensures that the ceiling mouldings you have ordered will always remain accurate representations of decorative pieces for the given time period.

If you wish to learn more about our work process and the services we will provide during the restoration or renovation of your property, please speak with us on the phone or send us an email today. One of our members of staff will be glad to discuss this with you.

How We Work and Where

Our work may be found across the length and breadth of the UK, embellishing and enhancing the walls, ceilings, architraves, and corners of many fine homes and palaces, embassies, art galleries, museums, and other public spaces. These interiors and exteriors have been as great and as varied a selection as you may find, so we are confident that we will be able to provide your own property with the care and attention to detail that its features need.

Whether you require specialist restoration services for the ceiling roses and cornices of a Victorian property that has been ravaged by time and neglect, or would like an Art Deco ceiling medallion installed before applying the finishing touch of a period-style chandelier, we can provide the premier service and superior quality products you have been searching for.

Contacting Us

With over 25 years of experience in crafting fine pieces, from simple coves, architrave designs, and cornices to the most ornate plaster ceiling roses, panels, and corbels, we are certain that we will be able to produce the pieces you require to complete your architectural and interior design project. We can also guarantee complete customer satisfaction when we do.

To begin the process and to start your property on its journey towards the zenith of its aesthetic potential, please get in touch with us today. One of our members of staff will be able to discuss everything you need and would like. We will be able to complete the work required from this, bringing your property to life just as you have imagined.

We understand that choosing the right company for your project is important for project success, budget efficiency and your reputation.  We manufacture and install superior custom plaster mouldings, we re-create period plaster features as well as offering traditional lime plastering & lath and plaster.