Specialist Application of External Lime Renders

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The application of external lime render is often key to saving a property’s walls and columns from the effects of time and neglect. We specialise in premium-quality lime rendering and lime plasters for properties.

Artisan Plastercraft are experts in the exquisite restoration and conservation of period commercial and domestic properties. We have worked for over 25 years to bring these to a myriad of successful restoration projects across London and the wider UK.

Our Lime Rendering Services

We will readily carry out lime rendering services for most property types, including Grade I and listed properties that require extensive restoration and urgent repair work. We also attend to private residences and newer properties that need better insulating, or those that need the appropriate stonework façade for completion.

Every lime rendering project will be carried out to the specifications of the project itself. This includes using different lime products as is most appropriate to the needs and requirements of the project. Our team will draw on years of experience in heritage and restoration to fulfil all requirements.

Alongside this, we also consult with experts in heritage and architecture to ensure precision and accuracy in our work. To learn more or to ask any questions about the process, please contact us. One of our team members will be glad to explain what we can achieve in lime rendering for your property.

Application of Lime Render

Typically, external lime render will be applied in multiple coats. This builds up a barrier, ensuring:

  • It bonds correctly to the surface it is applied to
  • Shrinkage is minimised, meaning it is unlikely to crack
  • Rapid drying
  • A better-insulated wall as a result

The first coat (also known as the base coat, the scratch coat, or the render coat) must always adequately set before subsequent coats are applied. The second coat will be used to produce a flat, even surface, before being keyed or scratched to produce a key for a finish coat. The final coat will be treated the same as previous coats if any required straightening has already been carried out.

Once the final coat has been applied, it is necessary to leave it for as long as possible before rubbing it up to complete the work. Top coats of lime render often contain a greater lime content and use finer sand, meaning they are more prone to shrinkage. Working on lime mortars too soon often results in free lime being pulled to the surface, which may affect the properties of the material and result in failure.

What Is Lime Render?

Lime render, which might also be called lime plaster when applied internally, is a type of rendering material made from a specific blend of sand, water, and lime. In most cases, this will be a non-hydraulic hydrated lime. You might also see non-hydraulic hydrated lime referred to as slaked lime, high calcium lime, air lime, or lime putty.

Traditionally, the material will be left to dry slowly after application, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air in the presence of moisture. Each lime render coat used may then take between 1 and 3 days to dry initially, depending on weather conditions and external temperatures. After this, it is possible for the coats to take weeks to set and up to a year to harden entirely.

Application and Weather Conditions

External lime render should only be applied in temperatures above 5°C. When applying it, it is vital to avoid rain and strong wind or strong sun. This is because strong sun, wind, frost, and rain can all have an adverse effect on the overall performance of the material, preventing a long-lasting lime render that is free of defects.

The material will need to be kept dry enough to allow the lime enough time to set, but it must not be tried too quickly. Lime render should also be shielded from wind-driven rain, and hessian curtains should be used where necessary to stop the work from drying out in the wind or strong sun. It will also be important to avoid frosty conditions during the render’s early set (particularly the first 14 days).

How Your Property May Benefit from an External Lime Render

There are a variety of benefits to applying an external lime render to the walls of your property:

  • Vapour permeability, meaning it is “breathable”
  • Once set, lime render is extremely hard and imperishable, potentially lasting for thousands of years
  • Water-resistant properties
  • All varieties offer insulation for properties, with some more insulating than others
  • Lime render is eco-friendly to manufacture as the process creates less embodied carbon than cement and reabsorbs carbon dioxide
  • Its environmentally-friendly properties have made it the popular with modern contractors for newer builds as well as a necessity for properties requiring restoration work


For a Quote on a Fine Lime Render Finish

Artisan Plastercraft are ready to provide services for a variety of modern and period property types, taking into account every specification you have before work begins. We will also provide you with a quote before our team sets to work, so you will know exactly how much the work will cost from your budget.

If you are in need of a firm that specialises in superior-quality lime rendering and lime plasters for properties, please contact our offices today.


We understand that choosing the right company for your project is important for project success, budget efficiency and your reputation.  We manufacture and install superior custom plaster mouldings, we re-create period plaster features as well as offering traditional lime plastering & lath and plaster.