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We understand that you have a specific look in mind when you think of the aesthetics of your property. This is why it can be frustrating to find out that your plasterwork cornices are starting to show signs of aging, or even just general wear and tear. This can range from large or small cracks in the plaster to chips and even gaps, if the cornice has sustained enough damage. Fortunately, we pride ourselves on our reputation as plaster restoration and conservation experts and we are more than happy to offer you our cornice repair services.

Artisan Plastercraft has many years of experience in repairing damaged cornices for a wide variety of striking architectural pieces, from some of the world’s top hotels and art museums to palaces and embassies. Whether you are looking to restore the grandeur of ornate Victorian cornicing for a private listed building, or need to repair a cornice’s cracks during the renovation of a theatre or gallery, we can offer you the restored decorative plasterwork that will turn back the clock on damage and age alike to your property.

Please contact us today to discuss the requirements you have for your planned work project. We will be more than happy to quote for repairing cornice gaps and cracks in walls to ceiling cornice repair.

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Wish to discuss any cornice repair requirements? Please contact us.

Types of Cornice Repair

As established professionals in designing bespoke, decorative plaster cornicing and in restoring original features to properties, we know how to repair plaster cornices. We will use our finely-honed skills in Fibrous, Lime and Lath and Plaster techniques in order to conserve or even fully recreate your Art Deco, Victorian or Georgian cornicing.

Everything we do will be carried out to the standards that we not only expect, but that you deserve to have for your property. When you contact us to carry out plaster cornice repair for you, we will ensure that you receive the well-made and specifically crafted or repaired plasterwork that you have been expecting.

How We Do It

When we conduct cornice repair work, we will combine our efforts with heritage experts, architects, consultants, interior designers, project managers and private individuals. This ensures that we can undertake each individual case of interior or exterior cornice repair to the standards that each project requires.

We will offer you a complimentary inspection as well, assessing your cornice so that we will be able to determine the best course of action for restoration. Our used method will be determined by what we find in your property, but will most often be one of our fibrous plastering, lime plastering or lath and plaster work-based services. For more information about these methods of repairing damaged cornices, please go to our pages on these work types.

After this has been completed and we have determined how to repair your cornice’s gaps or cracks, we will put together a report for you. This will be accompanied by our quote for work on your plaster cornice’s repair and restoration, as well as advice that will be relevant to your individual case. Whether this is for repairing Victorian cornices or Art Deco style, we will know exactly how to restore your original cornices to the way they were always supposed to be seen.

We will repair damaged cornices on-site, where it is appropriate, while replicating and replacing badly damaged or missing sections in our workshops. You will also be able to utilise our extensive range of plaster moulds, in order to create new designs, if this is what you wish.

How We Work and Where

Our works are to be found across England, from the Houses of Parliament and the British Museum to many private buildings, such as large, listed residences. As experts in providing professional plaster cornice repair, we are more than prepared to carry out work on small or large properties. No matter if this is to repair a cornice’s cracks, fill in gaps, or even to replace sections which cannot be repaired because the damage is too great.

We have over 25 years of experience in working on buildings for the arts, heritage sites, commercial and private properties, and we will do everything we can to plan your wall or ceiling cornice repair to the specifications that you will set for us. Whether you are repairing Victorian cornices that have been damaged by rot and neglect or thinking of carrying out exterior cornice repair because your property has been hit heavily by the elements over the years, we will fill in all the cracks, holes and gaps to restore your property to the glory of its prime.

Please get in touch with us today and we will be able to discuss what you would like, before demonstrating what we can do for your property and planned work. Our experts will be able to help provide you with everything you need to revitalise even the oldest of your period property’s plaster cornices.

For any questions regarding cornice repairs, please contact us.


We understand that choosing the right company for your project is important for project success, budget efficiency and your reputation.  We manufacture and install superior custom plaster mouldings, we re-create period plaster features as well as offering traditional lime plastering & lath and plaster.