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What we do

We are exterior mouldings manufacturers and installers, using Jesmonite and GRC materials.

We use CAD to design and then manufacture exterior: fascia coving, cornices, eaves dentils, corbels, gallow brackets, door arches, porticos and columns.

We have done exterior work for private homes, heritage houses, listed buildings to banks and retail. Whether there’s a need to replicate a period feature or create a modern feature – we can help.

We  will often use Jesmonite to create external period and modern features, simulating natural stone and metals. We can mould Jesmonite to your individual design requirements. We match existing finishes using stone analysis technology. Jesmonite is available in a number of differing stone finishes: Portland, Bath, Granite and Marble.

In addition, we provide GRC manufacture – typically this is used for building facade panels, architectural cladding and precast concrete. Its 80% lighter than concrete and very low maintenance once installed.

How we do it

Once assigned a Project Surveyor, we will carry out a complimentary site assessment and report on our findings. A full survey can be carried out separately – if required.
Our team are well versed with small to large projects and can create a heritage style, yet with a modern and easy to use material.

How we work and where

After our initial site assessment survey, we work with you to understand the projects: objectives, challenges and then offer you workable solutions. To get a feel for our work view our grade-two listed Beaumont Hotel project.

Please contact us with your exterior moulding query to discuss your requirements and how we can assist.

Technique Talk

What is Jesmonite?

Its a modern alternative to original render and stonework. It has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio making it ideal for impressive structures, yet lightweight.

Why use it?

It’s flame resistant, durable and resistant to impact (therefore suited to exterior hazards). It can be used to fabricate both small and large objects. It uses a low toxic mixing process and finished products emit no toxins.

Where found?

Large public building exteriors in developed areas: theatres, hotels and retail centres.

Bit of trivia

Jesmonite decorative detailing was used heavily on the Royal Barge Gloriana for the 2012 Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. Decorative details included dolphins and Old Father Thames. A perfect material of choice due to its ease of form and lightweight nature.