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Imagine yourself in a large, formal living room of a grand stately home, or perhaps in the wing of a prestigious art gallery. The hardwood floors are covered by ornate Persian rugs, the furniture and fittings appear to be gorgeous antiques, and even the ceiling roses add flourish and elegance to the light fixtures. But as your eye wanders to the tops of the walls and the ceilings, you notice that there is no delicate curve or coving to complete the elegant aesthetic. The wall simply meets the ceiling, in a stark, flat appearance that is completely mismatched to the rest of the room. Fortunately, this is easily rectified with the installation of finely crafted, decorative plaster coving.

At Artisan Plastercraft, we are always prepared to help customers looking for specialist assistance when attempting to bring out the grandeur and majesty of any property. No matter what you have been looking for, whether you are planning work for a Georgian property, or for a building from the 1930s, we will be able to design and create the features you need. Contact us when you require assistance and our staff will be waiting to discuss everything you would like carried out.

What is Plaster Coving?

In the most succinct terms, plaster coving refers to a simpler, more uniform version of another of our masterfully made products that conceal the join between walls and ceilings: plaster cornices. Both are designed to add a creatively ornate touch to any interior space, but to establish whether you are looking at cornices or coving you should normally note whether or not the ceiling moulding is uniform in profile. Most types of coving will project across the ceiling to the same distance they drop down the wall. They also tend to feature simpler designs than the more ornate plaster mouldings used for cornices, and are typically (though not necessarily) found in a traditional quarter circle profile, forming the shape of a letter “C”.

Coving is available in a myriad of designs and styles that stretch across several time periods, from Georgian egg and dart and Victorian swan neck coving, to more minimalist Art Deco and pieces which reflect the most popular styles of the 1930s.

Our Crafting Process for Bespoke Decorative Plaster Coving

Our team of dedicated master craftsmen have worked and trained for many years to perfect their skills. They will bring to life any decorative design that our customers request, whether they require Edwardian coving, Art Deco or any of our Victorian styles to complete a building project, or even to revitalise and restore the exquisite aesthetics of an older property.

This is achieved through the use of the most up-to-date technology and computer-aided design (CAD), which presents us with the opportunity to show you the model before any work is physically carried out. Doing this also allows for precision accuracy when the pieces are being made, ensuring that your designs are kept exactly to your specifications.

We take great pride in offering our customers the greatest selection of handcrafted products and services which prioritise them. As such, we extend our work to both modern and traditional crafting techniques, involving fibrous plaster, lath and plaster mouldings, or even external lime and render if you intend to carry out work on the exterior of your property.

To Receive a Quote on Fine Plaster Art Deco, Edwardian or Victorian Coving

If you would like to begin placing an order and booking a date for your decorative plaster coving installation, please contact us today. We are staffed by specialists who will be delighted to assist in arranging your design’s manufacture, as well as offering a quote on the work you would like completed.

Whether you have been searching for intricate and ornate Georgian or Victorian coving pieces to catch the eye when installed in a room you have rejuvenated, or absolutely need the linear appearance of Art Deco to exactly match the plan you have for your property’s features, we know that we can craft it for you. Consider the types of coving you believe will suit your project best, from the period to the style (fine tooth, swan neck, etc.), or browse through our portfolio to see examples of our finished work. Perhaps you will find the exact design you have been looking for, in terms of a bespoke purchase?

What We Do

We dedicate ourselves to the expert crafting and fitting of beautiful coving installations, designed and made to the exact requirements and specifications of our customers. These decorative features may be as ornate and elaborate or plain and unadorned as our customers choose, with all products serving to transform the space they will occupy. No matter if you are completing building restoration work on an Edwardian-style townhouse, an Art Deco public building or a museum or art gallery from a building dating back to the Georgian period, we can prepare and carry out the cornice or coving installation you need.

How We Do It

We will consult with you as the property owner when we start any work on the creation of any coving installation, but we will also seek further advice and information from architects, interior designers, project managers, heritage experts and other professionals to ensure that each decorative piece is moulded and manufactured exactly as you wish it to be.

Once you have contacted us in order to undertake your planned work, we will begin by offering you a complimentary survey and assessment of your property. This will help to determine the best course of action for your cornices’ or covings’ installation. After this, we will prepare a report that contains a quote for the services provided and some specialist advice that will be beneficial in your individual case. To learn more about what this part of the process will involve, please contact us and speak to one of our members of staff.

All the types of coving we provide, whether Georgian in an egg and dart style, Victorian coving in a swan neck style, or even something entirely original, will be handcrafted in our very own workshops. How they are formed will also be your decision, because we also keep an extensive range of plaster moulds for our customers to choose from.

How We Work and Where

Our work can be found across the length and breadth of the UK, in a multitude of property types and styles, from palaces and embassies to notable art galleries and world-famous museums. Our refined skills and years of experience in our profession mean that we are more than ready and equipped to carry out work for any property you are completing as well. Whether you have been searching for exquisite pieces to match the antique interior decoration of your swan neck Victorian coving or Georgian egg and dart coving, are looking for something more subtle to reflect the ambience of an Edwardian property, or even if you require a style to suit a property from the 1930s, we will be glad to provide pieces for you in the exact specifications you will have set out.

With over 25 years of experience to our name, we are more than certain that we can produce everything you need, ensuring complete satisfaction as we do. Please contact us today in order to start the process of purchasing your cornices or coving, and one of our members of staff will be glad to speak with you about what you have planned. From this call or email, we will undertake every step needed to provide your property with the features it needs to be brought to its full glory.

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