Bespoke Decorative Plaster Work

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Artisan Plastercraft has an highly experienced team who are able to create bespoke decorative fibrous plastering to your requirements.

We have been producing bespoke architectural and decorative plasterwork for many years, you therefore can use a mould from our collection or we’ll make a new one for you.

We use CAD (computer-aided design), which enables us to show you the model and moulding before any production takes place.

Our craftsmen are some of the best model and mould-makers in the UK.  Architects and Designers value these skills when wishing to create a unique design.

Whether you have a particular design or you are looking for an expert to guide you in recreating original fibrous mouldings from photographs, we can help.

Click here to see our gallery of bespoke work 

Wish to discuss your bespoke decorative plasterwork requirements? Please contact us.