Plain Plaster Cove (AP15)

This simple un-enriched plain plaster cove is a timeless classic, manufactured from fibrous plaster in 3 metre lengths measuring 130mm x 129mm.

  • Projection: 129mm
  • Wall Height: 130mm
  • Period: Victorian/Modern
  • Style: Plain
  • Material: Traditional Fibrous Plaster


Order a 30cm sample or 3m lengths by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu below.

Please note: Delivery for 3m lengths is currently only available within London’s M25 ring road.


inc VAT, per 3m length

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Plain plaster cornice designs have perhaps the widest appeal of all coving and cornice as they can suit interior design dating from the Victorian era through to the present day. Modern cornice for new build homes tends to be less ornate and intricate, mostly featuring plain-run linear detailing to the ceiling and wall line.

We hold moulds for a selection of plain run cornice profiles, with many different sizes to choose from. They can be found by using the ‘Select Type’ product filter which can be found on the shop front page.


inc VAT, per 3m length

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SKU AP15 Category

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