A High Quality Replica for Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC)

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At Artisan Plastercraft, we know and understand the importance of maintaining your property’s finely crafted aesthetics, both in the interior and for the exterior. The latter of these are the first features any guest will see upon arrival, and if they are left unimpressed by column covers or walls which are in desperate need of restoration or completion, they are likely to carry this opinion through into your interior space as well. Fortunately, we are more than able to assist in forming their opinion, by providing the perfect casting for your property’s walls and columns using Jesmonite AC730, an ideal substitute for glass-reinforced concrete.

Our expertise and specialist services are always available if you require a product that offers the same textures and appearance as glass-reinforced concrete or cement. Contact us today and we can start discussing what you will need, before working closely with you to ensure you receive exactly what you have asked for. Alternatively, you can also choose to begin by browsing through our portfolio of projects and allowing inspiration to strike for the work you wish to plan.

What is Glass Reinforced Concrete?

Glass fibre reinforced concrete, otherwise known as glass-reinforced concrete or cement (and often abbreviated to “GFRC” or “GRC”), is a common construction material composed of high-strength, alkali-resistant glass fibres embedded in a concrete matrix. These fibres act as a reinforcing component, assisting in creating a high-performance composite material by strengthening the concrete, which is already durable in its properties.

GRC is most typically manufactured in thin sections, and are often used as cladding panels for the exterior of large properties.

Jesmonite AC730 is similar in manufacture to glass-reinforced cement, and our team of specialists are more than capable of skilfully producing it for your own planned project.

The Benefits of a GFRC Alternative

When considering the work you could have carried out for your exterior or interior space, it is only natural to wonder how you or your property will benefit from the finished work. With a material that offers the same finish as glass fibre reinforced concrete panels, such as Jesmonite AC730, there are a myriad of advantages to take note of and contemplate. These may be the defining factors in deciding which material is most suitable for your work project.

For your convenience, we have listed some of the most beneficial aspects of Jesmonite AC730 for any architectural project:

  • The material is long-lasting and durable, withstanding the elements for many years
  • It is lightweight, ensuring a swifter and easier installation
    An easier installation also ensures a more cost-effective price for your budget
  • It is solvent-free, with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • It is UV stable
  • There will be no efflorescence (salts visible on the surface of the material)
  • It can be created to replicate natural stone
  • It can be manufactured in a number of different colours (our own selection of finishes come in Old Terracotta, Yellow Sandstone, Bath Stone, Portland Stone,
  • Natural Stone, Silver Grey Granite, White Marble and Charcoal Black)
  • Cladding panels are also renowned for soundproofing and retaining heat, ensuring greater levels of energy efficiency

If you require a product which offers your project greater dimensional stability, enhanced levels of durability and greater strength, then you may also consider placing an order for Jesmonite AC630.

This is a newer material offering, that also offers beneficial features to any planned work. We have listed these for your consideration:

  • It is stronger, more flexible and has greater durability
  • It has an increased impact resistance
  • Like Jesmonite AC730, it is also lighter than stone, concrete or traditional sand and cement products
  • It replicates fine details while offering superior weathering qualities
  • It is water-based, remaining environmentally friendly
  • It is also independently fire-rated, in accordance with European Fire
  • Classification EN 13501. It is also solvent-free, with no VOC’s.

For Quotes on Finely Made Facsimiles for Glass Reinforced Concrete

If you are in need of a professional service to provide jesmonite that perfectly replicates glass reinforced concrete, whether you would like to restore exterior column covers crafted at the turn of the last century or require assistance with fitting new interior wall panels to provide cladding and a modern aesthetic, please contact us.

One of our fully trained members of staff will be able to discuss your planned work and any specifications you wish to set out, offering an estimated price in return. Once you have decided to carry out your work with us and placed an order for the features you need, our expert craftsmen will then demonstrate their years of experience in their trade by providing you with the casts that will return your older property to its golden age, or complete the image you already have in mind for a newer space.

What We Do

As a specialist firm with experience in the production of bespoke jesmonite pieces that offer a similar finish to glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC), we will use our masterfully crafted castings to create a new, durable series of exterior panels, columns or objects for your property. Our methods will ensure that the outcome greatly resembles any original features you wish to restore, whether these were initially rendered or crafted from fine masonry and stonework, in fine detail.

Whether you require assistance with reinstating grandeur in the large exterior columns or column covers of a stately home, wish to conclude and close a project with a Portland stone finish wall, or have been searching for expert craftsmen to revitalise the once-stunning aesthetics of period effect stonework, we will be able to help.

How We Work and Where

The finest pieces we have produced can be found across the whole of the UK, adorning the interiors, exteriors, walls and ceilings of buildings ranging from large private residences, to palaces, embassies, museums and art galleries. Our proficiency has even earned our work a place in the Houses of Parliament, so we are certain that we will be able to produce the jesmonite features that best resemble both GRC and the natural stone originally used in building your property. We will also be able to replicate any original casting that brought might and majesty to its walls in times long past.

Your specifications will become our priority, and will remain as such throughout the work. With your faith in this, as well as our skill and expertise, you will soon see the exterior aesthetics of your property brought to the zenith of their potential. No matter the architectural style present or the finish you have requested, we will be able to bring our services to your building.

Contact us via the telephone or send us an email when you would like to begin your restoration or full recreation project in Jesmonite AC730 or AC630, our own high-quality facsimiles for glass fibre reinforced concrete. One of our staff will be delighted to discuss the work you have planned for your property. They can then quickly inform our dedicated team of craftsmen of your set requirements and specifications, who will use this information to begin the careful work needed to craft your GFRC-like features from our high-quality jesmonite, exactly as you wish to see them.

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