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Decorative plaster moulding and tools

As specialist providers of exquisitely made ceiling mouldings and decorative plaster ceiling designs, we also offer professionally crafted, decorative ceiling panels for public and private spaces across the UK. These will be skilfully made to the specifications you have set out with us beforehand, and may be as ornate and patterned or as plain a feature as you require to bring out the full aesthetic potential of your property.ย 

Speak with us on the phone or send us an email if you are ready to begin your planned ceiling project, or read on here for more information about the ceiling panels we will provide with our service.

Moulding Decorative Ceiling Panels for Interior Spaces

As part of our professional service, we will be glad to offer both ready-made and bespoke decorative panels for ceilings of property interiors. As the owner or manager of a building or space that we have been called to provide a service for, we will consult with you on every aspect of the work you have planned. This ensures that the pieces are made and each part of the project is carried out as you have specified.ย 

Our collection of ready-made plaster panel mouldings are available for your consideration here, and may be linked at corners by our ornate selection of quadrants.

Crafting Bespoke Designs Upon Request

If you require ornate panels in a bespoke design that has never been seen before, we will fashion a mould for its creation from a hand-finished model. These are prepared by our own experienced team members, who are adept in creating bespoke enrichments in small sections fashioned from clay, which will then be cast and recast to upscale the piece to a full ornamental panel or enrichment.ย 

The clay model prepared and used will be covered in rubber, in order to create a mould for our work. Our craftsmen will then cast this section in plaster, sometimes multiple times if needed to create a larger enrichment, and then a mould will be taken from this to create the panel in fibrous plaster.

For bespoke requests that are linked to the restoration of original features found in the interior of an older property, we also offer a match-to-existing service. We undertake this work using an impression mould (which may also be known as a site squeeze) on a suitable section and using this to form the basis of a replica mould, which will then be used in the manufacture of a replacement section.ย 

To give an example, if you required a new section of plaster coving or plaster cornicing, we would take this impression mould from another section in the room in order to achieve the same design.

To Assist Architects

We are also able to carry out work using computer-aided design (CAD) technology, ensuring precision accuracy in the manufacture of the mould, matching drawings provided for us and ensuring a perfectly replicated design in the finished panel.

image of ornamental plaster ceiling panel


There may be particular cases in which we will have to begin our work with an assessment of a property, in order to ascertain its dimensions and identify key points in the ceiling we are working on. This often assists us in determining how an installation should be carried out. We may also seek advice from architects, project managers, heritage experts, and interior designers when preparing designs for installation.

This part of the process is carried out if we need to ensure complete historical accuracy of the design you intend to install for your property. For instance, if your restoration of a property from the Victorian era required a ceiling rose to complete its aesthetic appeal, we would ensure that this was applied and not a more modern ceiling medallion design.


Our application and installation process of ornate panels, mouldings, and other pieces to decorate the ceilings of interiors will be as diverse as the properties themselves. As such, we cannot claim to offer one specific process for the application or installation of decorative ceiling panels or mouldings for any property. In some cases, this may mean that the products will be professionally prepared in our workshops and delivered to their intended location. For others, we may prepare and apply the designs on-site.


Typically, the plaster panels we provide for application in interior spaces will be designed and manufactured in fibrous plaster or glass fibre reinforced gypsum (GFRG). However, we are also able to provide some properties with a lighter, stronger alternative to these materials under particular circumstances, such as the installation of a suspended ceiling or false ceiling designs. This alternate material is most often known and seen under the name Jesmonite.ย 

Jesmonite is a composite consisting of a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin, and can be used to accurately replicate the textures and colours associated with practically any surface. We are often called to restore the exteriors of properties using Jesmonite as the base material as well, which should be kept in mind if you are intent on renovating the entirety of your property.

decorative plaster moulding

To Learn More About Our Service

If you would like to learn more about the types of plaster we utilise with our service, please explore our website further to find material examples. You may also wish to browse through our portfolio of projects to see images of previous works that we have achieved across the UK. Alternatively, you may also think of contacting us directly to have your questions and queries answered right away by a member of staff.

For a Quote on Masterfully Crafted Decorative Ceiling Panels

If your interior space will only be complete once it has been fitted with the decorative ceiling panels that compliment the aesthetic appeal you are hoping to achieve, contact our team today. One of our members of staff will be glad to speak with you about the specifications of your planned project as soon as you get in touch, and can offer you an estimate based on the work that will need to be done.

This work will then be performed by our own dedicated master craftsmen, who will complete each piece to the noted requirements you have set out with us. As a result, you will receive the moulding finishes and fibrous plaster or GFRG ceilings that will bring or restore your property to the height of its aesthetic potential.


We understand that choosing the right company for your project is important for project success, budget efficiency and your reputation.ย  We manufacture and install superior custom plaster mouldings, we re-create period plaster features as well as offering traditional lime plastering & lath and plaster.