Phase 1 & 2 lime render repairs completed at Shakespeareā€™s Globe


lime render over timber laths

Following on from our site inspections and plaster surveys in Summer 2019, Artisan was commissioned to undertake a programme of lime render wall repairs at Shakespeareā€™s Globe theatre, with work commencing in March 2020.

Phase 1 of the lime render maintenance included work to both the external and internal wall areas (staircases and walkways) within the North Tower and East Tower.

The programme involved the removal and replacement of lime render on specific wall panels which had been identified by our expert in the site surveys. Once the old plaster had been carefully removed, any repairs or replacement of timber laths was carried out before the application of new lime render. Lime Green Ultra and Natural Finish were applied as a three-coat system, with Tallow limewash to finish.

Phase 2 of the programme commenced in July 2020 and included further maintenance to specific areas of the buildingā€™s external sides, North Tower and East Tower using the same traditional plaster techniques and three-coat lime system, with a view to further enhancing the appearance and durability of the building. Phases one and two are now complete and the selection of pictures shows the lime render work at various stages during the programme.

Read further information on internal and external lime plastering restoration along with a case study explaining our survey work at Shakespeareā€™s Globe.

VisitĀ Shakespeareā€™s Globe website.


lime render at shakespeares globeĀ  Ā  Ā scratched lime render wall panel

lime render scratch coatĀ  Ā  Ā  lime render with limewash


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