Traditional lime plaster wall repairs inside Shakespeareā€™s Globe

In addition to the recent work on the outside walls of Shakespeareā€™s Globe theatreĀ there was also maintenance to be done inside in order to repair and improve the fabric of the building. Artisan was commissioned to undertake traditional lime plaster wall repairs in the staircases and walkways inside the theatreā€™s North Tower and East Tower. Selected wall panels had been identified during our expertā€™s site surveys as being in need of attention. These areas were stripped of existing plaster and repaired using new timber laths, and traditional lime plaster supplied by Chalk Down Lime – a specialist supplier of quality, English-made traditional lime products.

The pictures below show wall panels with lime plaster float coat applied prior to top coat and finishing. This process typically uses three coats of lime plaster followed by a lime wash.

Lime has been used for centuries all over the world as a key building material for construction. Lime Plaster has a very open pore structure which allows buildings to ā€˜breatheā€™ via the minute transfer of moisture allowing masonry and timber frames to remain dry and function as they should.

Learn more about Lath and Plaster wall repairs using traditional lime plaster.

Visit Shakespeareā€™s Globe website.


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