Heritage lath and plaster at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

image of lath repairs at shakespeares globe theatre

We are delighted to have been asked back to carry out further heritage lath and plaster works at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. The cultural and educational landmark is located on the south bank of the river Thames in London and is a replica of the late 16th-century Globe Theatre in which after 1599 the plays of William Shakespeare were performed.

Artisan Plastercraft completed Phase 1 and 2 lime render repairs in the summer of 2020 following an inspection survey, undertaken in 2019 by one of our experienced surveyors, indicated some maintenance of the walls was recommended.

image of heritage lath and plaster at the globe theatre  image of shakespeares globe theatre perimeter walls

The work being undertaken in 2022 is to the exterior of the North Tower Bankside and involves the removal and replacement of sections of plaster. As with our previous external works, we will be using Lime Green Ultra and Natural Finish lime plaster and riven timber laths, providing a thermally insulating yet authentic wall finish which is long lasting.

Read further information on internal and external lime plastering restoration along with a case study explaining our survey work at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Visit Shakespeare’s Globe.



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