Deciding on Your Ideal Decorative Ceiling Rose

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A renovation or restoration project that requires a decorative ceiling rose may leave you wondering which type, style, or design is the correct one for your owned or managed property. This is why we have provided information below on ceiling roses, as well as how you may come to a decision over which design is most suitable for your needs.

Read on to learn more, and to view a list of our own professionally-prepared designs that are ready for purchase immediately. Alternatively, you can also contact us if you would like to discuss custom-made mouldings that would better suit the specifications of your project.

Selecting Ceiling Roses for Architecture and Interior Design

The original purpose of a ceiling rose, and the purpose that many still serve in large homes, grand houses, and other spaces, is to provide a focal point for a high ceiling. Many will also be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of light fittings, and to obfuscate unseemly elements of infrastructure related to the lighting. Naturally, original ceiling rose designs will feature the designs, patterns, and styles that were held in high esteem in that period, but requesting plaster designs in the modern era offers the privilege of choice.

In simple terms, this means that a purchaser will not be limited in the designs that they are able to choose. Any property owner or manager may decide to place an order for any kind of decorative plaster ceiling rose, and all designs and styles are available to them. When selecting a ceiling rose for your own renovation or restoration project, you will not be limited in the number of plain or ornate designs you will be allowed to choose for your property. However, you are likely to still be influenced in your decision by certain factors. These factors include:

  • The size of the interior you intend to decorate with a ceiling rose
  • The architectural style and requirements (where the property is a period property)
  • Whether the moulding is intended to replicate an original design
  • Personal preference for design (where specific designs are not required)

Deciding the Size of a Decorative Ceiling Rose

There are no standard sizes involved in the creation of ceiling rose designs. Generally speaking, those seeking mouldings should look for one which appears “just right” when compared to the size of the interior available. They should also sit neatly in the centre, or just off-centre in a room where more than one ceiling rose is present.

To learn more about this, and to learn how to decide on the size of a ceiling rose, please see our guide.

Architectural Styles and Requirements

Many period properties will have specific requirements in terms of how they may be renovated, or what restoration work may be carried out to return them to their ideal state. This includes ensuring interior features, such as ceiling roses, are accurate to the time period reflected in the architectural style.

Original Designs

Restoration work may require the repair or complete restoration of original features and designs. If this work includes a ceiling rose, it will be crucial to ensure that the piece is replicated exactly as it was intended to appear when the original was installed.

Our Decorative Ceiling Rose Designs

In this section we have provided a list of our decorative ceiling rose designs, separated by the specific design or style of each, that we have available online in our shop. These are suitable for installation in both modern and period properties, but as they are prepared from moulds we have available they cannot be considered for replicating original designs. Instead, the one you decide on is more likely to be influenced by personal preference and other specifications which are unique to your project:

Adam Ceiling Roses

Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Roses

Art Deco Ceiling Roses

Basket Weave Ceiling Roses

Date Leaf Ceiling Roses

Edwardian Ceiling Roses

French Leaf Ceiling Roses

Plain Ceiling Roses

Victorian Ceiling Roses

Water Leaf Ceiling Roses

It should also be noted that delivery for each of these products is currently only available within London’s M25 ring road.

Crafting a Bespoke Ornate Ceiling Rose

As well as providing decorative ceiling rose designs from ready-prepared moulds, we are also able to offer bespoke services to ensure practically any ornate embellishments are achieved. This work will simply need to be requested and detailed by the purchaser.

We will often make use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology to prepare the moulds required for requested pieces. In circumstances where we do not do this, the moulds will instead be modelled by hand by one of our specialists.

Carrying out these practices ensures precision accuracy in each of our finished pieces, and all models will be presented to the owner or manager of the property for approval before any manufacturing work is completed.


For Fine Ceiling Designs from Specialist Craftsmen

If you have planned to install a decorative ceiling rose for a modern or period property, please contact our London office today. Whether you require your purchase in an ornate or plain style, we are more than confident that our team can provide you with the ready-moulded or bespoke order that will complete and complement the interior location you are building or renovating.

As specialists in the production of fine plaster ceiling roses, we are capable of providing both flawless reproductions of original pieces lost to time or neglect and new, crisply ornate designs that offer a classical charm to even the most modern of builds. No matter which you require to meet your specifications, our craftsmen have the tools and skills necessary to produce them exactly.

The projects we have already completed across London and the UK may even provide the inspiration you need, helping you to find the exact design you wish to have installed in a property you own or manage. We invite you to explore these for ideas and innovative elements you may not have considered before, or to get in touch with us if you know exactly what you need to fit the requirements of your project.

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