What Size Ceiling Rose Do I Need for My Intended Work Project?

If you intend to install a ceiling rose in the interior space of a modern build, or are replacing a damaged or missing design in a period property, it is important to know what size of ceiling rose you need. What size will be may depend on several factors, which is why we have provided this guide on how to estimate the size of a ceiling rose that will suit your property and its dimensions best.

Read on to learn more, and to see the sizes of ready-prepared ceiling rose designs that we have available. Alternatively, you can also contact us to start discussing bespoke mouldings that would better suit the needs and specifications of your project.

What is the Standard Size for a Ceiling Rose?

There is no standard size for how large or small a ceiling rose should be. The general rule of thumb on what size moulding you should order is that the finished product should look “just right” when compared to the size of your room. As centrepieces for ceilings, ceiling roses or ceiling centres should sit neatly in the centre, or off-centre if a room is big enough to contain more than one. They should not look too large or too small for the space they occupy once they have been installed.

If you are using this information to renovate a period house or to replace or restore damaged decorative features, there may be records detailing the designs and dimensions of original plaster mouldings. If found, these can be used as a guide to both the aesthetics and the size of the ceiling rose you need. However, you may not wish to use the patterns or designs of the original, in which case we would strongly recommend ensuring your chosen design is the same size as the original. This will help to conceal features that the original would have also concealed while giving you a precise fit for the space available.

How to Decide on the Size of a Ceiling Rose

If you do not have any references available as to the size of ceiling rose you need in an older property, or even if you are installing a new design in a property that has never had one before, there are some important things to bear in mind. Some of these may be obvious, such as the fact that properties with high ceilings require larger ceiling roses, whereas smaller properties with narrower rooms or a lower ceiling height require smaller ones.

It is also important to bear in mind that a ceiling rose, once installed, will sit at 2 to 3 cm deep and have a great impact on a space. This impact will be lessened if you choose to hang a light fitting from it, as the light fitting itself will become the focal point of the room rather than the ceiling rose. If you are going to use the ceiling rose to hang a large light fitting, such as a big or an eye-catching chandelier, then you will need to consider increasing the size of the ceiling rose in your plans. This prevents it from becoming dominated by the light fitting.

For newer builds, or for properties with medium-sized rooms, the best way to determine the size of the ceiling rose you need will be to measure your room using the following formula:

Ceiling height x length x width

On average, a room measuring less than 56.73 m3 will suit a ceiling rose of between 10 inches (254 mm) to 18 inches (457 mm) in diameter. A room over 56.73 m3 will, on average, suit a ceiling rose of somewhere between 19 inches (482 mm) and 30 inches (762 mm) in diameter.

To test how certain sizes may look in situ, you may also wish to cut out a circle of cardboard and attach it to the ceiling in the position where the finished design will sit. You can then step back and assess the result, determining whether or not the size of the ceiling rose you have chosen is correct.

Our Ceiling Rose Designs and Their Sizes

image of ornate acanthus leaf ceiling roseimage of oval Adam ceiling rose

Below, we have provided a size guide to the ready-made plaster ceiling roses we have available in our shop. These are crafted in a variety of styles, which are suitable for both modern homes and period properties. For convenience, the products have been separated into small and medium designs, with large designs and oval designs given their own tables.

Dimensions are all recorded in the second columns in diameter, or width x length where applicable:

Miniature French Leaf Ceiling Rose133mm
Water Leaf Ceiling Rose265mm
Small Acanthus Medallion Ceiling Rose300mm
Small Adam Ceiling Rose300mm
Small Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose305mm
Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose375mm
Small Victorian Ceiling Rose405mm
Modern French Leaf Ceiling Rose415mm
Small Acanthus Plaster Ceiling Rose440mm
Medium Adam Ceiling Rose with Husks450mm
Medium Adam Ceiling Rose (CC26P)460mm
Basket Weave Pattern Ceiling Rose500mm
Leaf and Rope Twist Ceiling Rose500mm
Medium Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose510mm
Date Leaf Ceiling Rose530mm
Guilloche Enriched Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose530mm


Plain Spun Ceiling Rose590mm
Circular Water Leaf with Husks Ceiling Rose595mm
Diamond Art Deco Ceiling Rose600mm
Leaf Enriched Victorian Ceiling Rose600mm
Medium Adam Ceiling Rose (CC2P)600mm
Swag and Drop Ceiling Rose600mm
Edwardian Ceiling Rose620mm
Scrolling Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Centre620mm
Water Leaf with Husks Ceiling Rose630mm
Scrolling Feather and Leaf Ceiling Rose650mm
Ornate Acanthus Leaf Ceiling Rose740mm
Fruit Enriched Victorian Ceiling Rose760mm
Large Victorian Ceiling Rose790mm
Heavily Enriched Leaf Ceiling Rose850mm
Large Swag and Drop Adam Ceiling Rose850mm
Large Adam Ceiling Rose990mm


Medium Oval Ceiling Rose with Acanthus Leaves470mm x 655mm
Large Oval French Leaf Ceiling Rose560mm x 730mm
Large Oval Ceiling Rose with Acanthus Leaves590mm x 780mm
Oval Adam Ceiling Rose530mm x 800mm


We must also note that delivery for these products is currently only available within London’s M25 ring road.

Crafting Bespoke Designs

As well as providing ready-prepared ceiling roses in set sizes, we are also able to offer bespoke services that allow for practically any design or size of ceiling rose to be achieved. This will simply need to be requested and specified by the purchaser.

For our work, we will often make use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology to prepare the moulds required for requested pieces. When this is not done, the moulds will instead be modelled by hand by one of our specialist team members. These practices secure precision accuracy in finished pieces, and all models are presented to the property owner or manager for approval before any manufacturing work is completed.



For a Quote on Finely Crafted Ceiling Roses

If you are intent on fitting a decorative ceiling rose in an ornate or plain style for a modern or period property, please contact our London office today. We are more than confident that our team can provide you with the ready-made or bespoke order that complements the features of any interior, and that is ideally sized for the space where it will be installed.

Whether you require a flawless reproduction of an original ceiling rose that has been lost to time or neglect or wish to install a ceiling rose that offers a modern property some ornate touches and a timeless appeal, our craftsmen have the tools and skills necessary to ensure its completion. They will also be prepared to assist in any way that ensures your specifications are met.

Our existing projects may even help you find a similar piece to the work you wish to achieve, which may then be replicated in the dimensions you require. Explore these to find inspiration, or get in touch with us right away if you already know what your project will need. Our staff will be able to provide you with a quote.

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