Showcasing Our Work for International Museum Day

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Held yearly on 18th May, International Museum Day is an event promoting museums around the world. The day was created to highlight relevant themes and issues museums currently face, and is an opportunity for officials and experts from different institutions to meet with the public to alert them to these challenges.

In doing so, they also raise awareness of the role of museums in modern society, and professionals are afforded the opportunity to network and exchange dialogue.

Artisan Plastercraft has had the privilege of working with a number of iconic museums. In honour of International Museum Day in 2023, we have decided to showcase our wonderful work with them here.

The British Museum

We have a longstanging relationship with the British Museum, and have carried out multiple projects on request. These have been as small as the manufacture and installation of hardened fibrous plaster architraves and skirtings, and as large as an extensive application of lime plaster. To learn more about the work that was carried out and on which parts of the museum we have worked, see our fascinating case study.

The Victoria and Albert Museum

We are proud to have been chosen to work with the V&A Museum on the manufacture and installation of an elegant and stylish fishtail design for a ceiling. We invite you to find out more about the details of this project, including the feedback we received from the museum.

Bruce Castle Museum

One of our most recent projects, undertaken this year was at Bruce Castle Museum in Tottenham. This work began with a lime plaster survey, carried out by our expert surveyor, and resulted in us discovering that a number of repairs needed to be completed on the building.

We completed repairs on the museum’s plaster ceilings and walls. The work involved our team resecuring and finishing the ceilings in the museum’s café on the Ground Floor from below. The work was then completed entirely, and the walls and ceilings repaired, with use of a lime plaster finish.

The Science Museum

The other of our most recent museum projects was carried out on the Science Museum in South Kensington. In this project, it was discovered that we would need to resecure fibrous plaster beam casings in order to obfuscate structures that would have otherwise looked unsightly. This kept every part of the museum looking its best for visitors.

We also carried out ample work on other decorative features and structures. This included remanufacturing plain plaster coving to create interest in the spaces where walls and ceilings meet, and manufacturing and installing new column cap halves to match existing designs.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The theme of International Museum Day in 2023 is, in part, sustainability. The International Council of Museums believes that “all museums have a role to play in shaping and creating sustainable futures”.

They may choose to do this through any combination of educational programmes, exhibitions, research, or community engagement and outreach. However, these are not the only ways we believe that sustainability can be upheld and demonstrated in museums.

In our way, Artisan Plastercraft also hopes to contribute to promoting sustainability in museums, as well as in other projects we undertake. We aim to use materials that have been produced within the UK, and that are sustainable, recyclable, or that can achieve carbon neutrality. As all of the materials used are designed to be long-lasting and durable, they should also last for many years. This means they will not have to be replaced, or risk being replaced by less sustainable alternatives.

To learn more about the materials we use in our work, please contact us. Our expert team will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Do You Have a Project?

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Our skilled team can recreate any architectural type or style requested, and each property is given the individual care and attention the work deserves. This ensures we consistently meet all requirements, no matter what work is carried out.

Explore other examples of our projects to see how else we can apply our expertise, or contact us right away if you would like to begin discussing yours.


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