Watch: How to run a curved plaster arch moulding

image of a plaster arch model on work bench

Our plaster workshop video demonstrates the process of manufacturing a decorative doorway arch moulding using a running mould. In this instance the arch is a constant radius, so the running mould rotates around a fixed point on the work bench.

To briefly explain what’s happening; the wet plaster is applied onto the arch mould and the ‘horse’ is run around it to finish it to the desired shape and design. Repeating the process allows layers of plaster to build up until the full length of the cast is uniform, with a smooth finish, at which point the plaster is allowed to set and dry before removal.

Watch how to run a curved plaster arch moulding in our video below!

This moulded plaster arch is a bespoke item for a client restoration project. We can manufacture Jesmonite and plaster arch mouldings to your own design. If you wish to place an order for your own plaster arch designs, or even if you would like to discuss potential projects with one of our team beforehand, please contact our offices today.

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