Watch: Making match existing cornice

image of making plaster cornice moulding

See how we create match existing cornice mouldings in the two videos below. Each sequence shows the manufacture of a match to existing cornice for different restoration projects. However, the basic process remains the same.

What is match existing cornice?

If you require a replica of the cornice currently fitted in your property, it is a possibility it may be difficult to find “off the shelf” or may be no longer commercially available. Replacement with an alternative cornice moulding could also be unacceptable, depending on the circumstances. Commissioning a match existing cornice then becomes a viable option. Due to the time-consuming process, it is not always the most cost-efficient solution, however for listed buildings and rooms of historical importance it becomes the only option to restore damaged cornice mouldings that are irreplaceable.

The process of making match existing cornice

Work usually begins by taking a “squeeze” of a section of the existing plaster moulding, to capture the enrichments (pattern) and sizing. A squeeze is an impression of the cornice face captured using silicone rubber or plaster. This impression is then taken back to the workshop so the manufacturing process can begin. If a squeeze isn’t possible then clay modelling becomes an option, from photographs or drawings if they are available.

The site squeeze is used to create plaster casts of the decorative cornice enrichments in small sections. These pieces are sometimes tidied or improved to increase definition, especially if layers of paint have hidden the detail over the years. Multiple pieces are cast and used to create a cornice model – essentially a 1:1 replica of the cornice being matched. Once complete, the model is then covered in silicone rubber to create the mould from which lengths of match existing cornice are cast. These can then be taken back to site and installed to restore or repair areas of damage, or the whole room if required.

These videos provide only a small highlight of the time and skill invested in making a single match existing cornice moulding. To find out more about how we work, visit our cornice repair & restoration page.


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