Fibrous plaster dome ceiling skylight

image of skylight plaster mould

As part of an ongoing project on the Wentworth Estate, we have been creating some custom fibrous plaster ceiling skylights for a luxury residential property. Made from Glass Reinforced Gypsum, the dome-shaped feature was manufactured in two sections in our workshop, to then be pieced together and installed on site. We captured the manufacturing process using a time lapse camera and the video can be viewed below.

As you can see from these still images, the manufacturing process involved the creation of a bespoke mould and casting of the two halves that make up the custom ceiling skylight. The video clip shows one of the two pieces being cast and released from the mould.

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image of ceiling skylight plaster mould  image of custom skylight plaster mould  image of domed skylight plaster cast  image of curved ceiling plaster cast





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