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decorative plaster ceiling

The project utilises our skills in plaster ceiling moulds and restoration to work on the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London.

The seven month project forms part of the Academy’s preparations for its wonderful, 250th anniversary celebrations in 2018. Part of this meticulous renovation project, the Lecture Theatre, is being re-instated within Sir David Chipperfield’s redevelopment design.

We are dismantling the historic ceiling in the British Academicians room into approximately 150 pieces, storing the pieces, then using bespoke moulds to re-create sections and then re-assembling the ceiling. The restored ceiling will then be housed within the newly reinstated Lecture Theatre of the Royal Academy.

The 250th anniversary celebrations will celebrate the Royal Academy’s role as one of the world’s leading independent centres for visual culture. We are so proud to be part of that.

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