Clay modelling services for decorative plasterwork

image of plume of leaves modelled in clay

Part of the process of restoring damaged decorative plasterwork, or realising bespoke plaster mouldings, can be the creation of a clay model. Clay is easy to work with and provides a stable basis for shaping intricate details. It also holds its form when pouring on the rubber used to make a mould. Modelling for decorative plasterwork can also be executed in wood, plaster, plasticine and some other materials and is a highly skilled task.

Artisan Plastercraft has its own specialist clay modelers who create some amazing pieces, either to match existing enrichments as part of a restoration project, or from scratch using drawings and photographs provided by clients.

Below is a selection of images showing some of the recent clay modelling we have carried out, which then go on to be cast in plaster.

Clay modelling examples

If you have a requirement for bespoke plaster mouldings made to your design, the chances are clay modelling may be employed to form certain enrichments or features. All bespoke items are created to suit the scale and nature of actual site dimensions and period.

Contact us with details of your decorative plasterwork modelling requirements and include images and drawings.


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