Identifying and Selecting Victorian Ceiling Rose Designs

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When carrying out restoration work on a property from the Victorian era (1837 β€’ 1901), or when making modifications to a property that will include elements from the period, you will need to consider every element of the interior design and architecture. This will mean selecting the ideal Victorian ceiling rose to provide a timeless and aesthetically pleasing finish in any room.

Read on to learn more about ceiling roses in Victorian-era architecture, or contact us if you would like to start discussing a delicate, bespoke creation that will complete your unique interior design work today.


Characterising a Victorian Style Ceiling Rose

If you are interested in being able to identify Victorian ceiling roses and distinguish them from older or newer designs, it should be noted that the period itself is divided into two in terms of popular interior design and architecture.Β 

The plaster mouldings of the first half of the Victorian period were typically large, intricately and ornately detailed, and embellished with the then-popular motifs of fruits, vines, and flowers. Large Victorian properties are noted for their high ceilings and elaborate designs were installed on these as a status symbol amongst the wealthy upper class, not only in London itself but across the wider UK. Some older designs may have also been fitted with a ventilation grille, in order to allow fumes from the gas lighting to escape without harming the occupants.

As the era drew to a close, designs for ceiling roses became less ornate so that they might be cared for and maintained more easily by the occupants of a house, or their household staff. This began the ushering in of a new era and would introduce designs and styles that would soon become commonplace after the turn of the century and the start of the Edwardian period.

Whether you would prefer the ceiling rose centres for your property to reflect the grand majesty of the early Victorian era, or require a smaller, less adorned piece to mirror the designs of the later decades and still offer an accompaniment to modern interior design ideas, Artisan Plastercraft will be able to assist.


Our Victorian Ceiling Rose Designs

Our master craftsmen have trained for many years to be able to offer a variety of ready-made and bespoke decorative Victorian ceiling roses for modern and period properties across the UK. Below, we have provided a list of the designs we already have available and in place for you to order from our shop:

Crafting Victorian Plaster Ceiling Roses

When creating the most exquisite bespoke designs and ornate styles for our Victorian ceiling roses, we will often make use of computer-aided design (CAD) to prepare the moulds in our London workshops. This not only ensures that we are able to present a model of the finished product to the property owner and gain their approval before any pieces are manufactured; it also means that any mould we make will be created with precision accuracy for a faultless finished piece.Β 

This means that whether you are in need of a small, plain medallion to compliment the features of a modern property while still providing a classical element, or even if you require a rather large ceiling rose based on the design of an original Victorian piece that has worn away with time and neglect, we will be able to prepare and install it for you.

As specialists in our industry, we also make it our firm objective to offer the widest range of both modern and traditional plaster-based services. This is why we are able to provide pieces in fibrous plaster and lath and plaster mouldings, as well as external lime plastering and render if you intend to have work carried out on a property exterior.


For Quotes on Fine Victorian Ceiling Roses

If you would like to start placing an order for exquisitely made plaster ceiling roses that offer the ornate decorative charm and style of an original Victorian piece, please contact our London office or spend some time browsing the selection available in our shop. We are more than confident that we will be able to provide the centrepiece that completes the aesthetic appeal of any property, no matter where you are located in the UK.

We will be glad to help you design and create the pieces that are best suited to your property, whether you are nearing the completion of renovation and refurbishment work on a listed building or bringing a timeless, elegant feature to a newer home. You may even find that the exact design you are looking for has already been achieved in previous projects, so we invite you to explore these and discuss any that you find with our team when you contact us to place an order.

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