Transforming Classic and Contemporary Interiors with Modern Ceiling Rose Designs

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With emphasis placed on the idea of certain features as an “original” part of period properties, it may be forgotten that public and private interior spaces can be fitted with modern ceiling rose designs. There are many styles and patterns utilised, but each provides a room with an aesthetically pleasing finish, completing it and closing what might have otherwise remained a less elegant and emptier space.

Read on to learn more about how ceiling roses have evolved as interior design features, or contact us today if you wish to start discussing the designs you would like to make sure your property is complete.


The Ceiling Rose’s Place in Modern Interior Spaces

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The original purpose of a ceiling rose was to cover light fittings or lighting fixtures, particularly for pendant lights and chandeliers, as well as supports and other practical elements that may have served a purpose but would have been considered “ugly” to look at. Victorian ceiling roses may have also hidden ventilation grilles, which allowed gas from lamps to escape.

To further beautify the feature, drawing the eye from anywhere in the room, older ceiling roses were often made larger to accommodate their positions on high ceilings, with more elaborate designs and patterns that quickly became status symbols. However, this was a short-lived trend, as smaller and plainer designs were found to be easier to clean. Bolder patterns with stark lines, which offered both easy maintenance and striking designs, came into vogue as the decades moved by and the Art Deco style gained popularity.

For some time after the Second World War, ceiling roses as a concept fell out of favour with architects and interior designers. Many homes and public spaces in the decades following the 1930s were constructed without them, while many others had theirs removed with subsequent renovation work.

It has taken until the modern day for ceiling roses to experience a revival in popularity, with many property owners wishing to restore original designs that will return older properties to the pinnacle of their golden years. Other people may wish to install new ceiling roses, either to replace unwanted designs or to fit a ceiling rose where there has never been one at all.

Alongside this, there has been a resurgence of architects and interior designers choosing to install ceiling roses in newer builds.

As properties are now most often built with lower ceilings, household chores are more easily completed, and less emphasis is put on symbols of wealth – so property owners in the modern day are afforded more freedom of choice in a ceiling rose design. These may be purely decorative, used to hide features that would otherwise be in view – or both – and all can be crafted at Artisan Plastercraft.


Our Modern Ceiling Rose Designs

Our master craftsmen have decades of experience in providing public and private properties across the UK with modern ceiling rose designs. Whether a property owner requires the ideal bespoke finish for an interior, or even if they have come across a ready-made design that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the room they want to refurbish, we are more than confident that we will be able to assist.

Below, we have provided the links to the modern or contemporary ceiling rose designs we currently have available:

When it comes to bespoke designs and possibilities for modern ceiling roses, there are more than can be mentioned on this page alone. As such, if you intend to install a rose design you have conceived yourself, you will first need to speak to one of our members of staff. They will be glad to help you design the plaster mouldings that best suit your interior space, while still offering the traditional use of obfuscating light fittings and other unseemly features.


Finely Moulding Modern Plaster Ceiling Roses

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Our team members carry out thorough, careful work in order to craft the finest and most delicate designs in a modern and contemporary style. The mouldings for these designs may be modelled by the hands of specialists or achieved using computer-aided design (CAD) technology. These processes are both utilised where needed to ensure individual pieces are crafted as faithfully to planned designs, or to original period mouldings, as possible.

Once these models of the finished design elements have been created, we may then present them to the property owners. At this stage, they will be able to approve the designs before any manufacturing work is carried out.

Taking meticulous note of your needs as a property owner, as well as understanding the needs of your individual property, ensures that we can craft, supply and install your purchases to exact specifications. This means that, whether you require a large ceiling rose with an ornate pattern to act as an accessory in a highly-decorated space, or even if you would prefer a smaller, unadorned design simply to conceal an unattractive light fitting, we can help.

As specialists in our industry, we also aim to ensure that we offer the widest possible selection of modern and traditional plaster-based services. This is why we can offer assistance to properties in the form of both fibrous plaster and lath and plaster mouldings for interiors, as well as lime plastering and render for external renovation and restoration work.



For Quotes on Exquisite Modern and Period Pieces

If you would like to begin placing an order for masterfully-made decorative pieces in a modern style, please contact our London office or spend some time browsing the selection we have available online in our shop.

We are certain that we can provide you with a ready-made or bespoke design to complement the aesthetic appeal of any room in your property, and our members of staff will be glad to provide you with a quote for bespoke pieces as soon as you have informed them of what you would like.

All ready-made ceiling roses available in our shop can be purchased for professional installation by local trades in your area, though we are also able to assist in the installation work for larger, more complex projects should this be required.

If you have not yet fully settled on a design for your own modern or contemporary ceiling rose, you may find inspiration for the ideal shape or pattern from designs we have already achieved. To view these, please take the time to explore our portfolio of projects. You can then discuss your ideas with our staff when you contact us for a quote or to place your order.

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