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When restoring the finest details and decorative elements of an Edwardian property (1901 ‒ 1910, or arguably 1901 ‒ 1914, or 1901 ‒ 1918), or finding the ideal centrepieces for rooms that will take inspiration from this era, it is imperative that you consider every element of the interior design and architecture. This means including a historically accurate and exquisitely made Edwardian ceiling rose, to provide a timeless, complete, and aesthetically pleasing finish in any room.

Read on to learn more about Edwardian ceiling roses in the architecture of the period, alongside information on our work processes. Alternatively, you can also contact us if you would like to start discussing a design that will complete your building, renovation, or restoration project.


Identifying the Aesthetics of an Edwardian Ceiling Rose


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The most commonplace designs and features of Edwardian ceiling roses evolved from the later styles used in the creation of Victorian ceiling roses. These mouldings made use of larger, less ornate patterns that were not as heavily embellished, allowing for more straightforward cleaning, care, and maintenance. This did not mean that the designs of this era were plain, however; flower patterns and designs inspired by the elaborate decorative pieces of previous decades were very much in vogue, and many homeowners wished to replicate the work found in properties older than their own.

As many historians cannot agree on where the Edwardian period of architecture precisely ended, there may be other features utilised in designs that were moulded as the era went on. Many of these will have been used to enhance the appeal of the interior space’s lighting fixtures, particularly as electric lighting became a more prominent and popular addition to homes. Certain moulding choices, such as the inclusion of simpler, less complicated lines and other elements may have also been a necessity in particular years – such as when the industry lacked craftsmen because they had signed up to serve in the First World War.


Our Edwardian Ceiling Rose Designs

Our master craftsmen have years of experience in providing both ready-prepared and bespoke Edwardian ceiling roses for modern and period properties across the UK. Below, we have set out a series of links to the designs we already have available for you to purchase from our shop:

If you own a smaller property further afield, any designs you purchase here should be installed by a third-party company that is local to you.


Moulding Plaster Edwardian Ceiling Roses

When crafting the finest and most accurate Edwardian-style ceiling rose centres, we will often make use of computer-aided design (CAD) technology to prepare the moulds in our workshops. If the designs are not created through this process they will instead be modelled by hand by one of our specialist team members. Both of these practices ensure the keenest precision and accuracy, for a finished piece that mirrors the design in mind.

All models of finished design elements will be presented to the owner or manager of the property for their approval before any manufacturing work is carried out. This careful consideration of the customer’s needs means that we are always able to prepare pieces to exact specifications.

As experts in our industry, we also make it our aim and objective to offer the widest range of both modern and traditional plaster services. As such, we are more than capable of providing pieces in fibrous plaster and lath and plaster mouldings, as well as external lime plaster and rendering, if you require this for the exterior of your property.



For Quotes on Specialist Plaster Ceiling Work

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If you would like to place an order for professionally moulded and styled Edwardian ceiling roses, please contact our London office or spend some time browsing our online shop. We are proud of the work we provide and we are more than confident that we will be able to supply an exquisite centrepiece for the ceiling of any property, anywhere in the UK.

We will be glad to assist in any way that we can on the ready-made or bespoke creation to fit your needs and specifications. Whether you require a perfect facsimile of an original design first moulded in 1905 or wish to bring a timeless charm to a newer build through an “older” feature, our master craftsmen will have the knowledge and skill to hand.

You may even find that the work you are looking for has already been achieved in previous projects. So, we invite you to explore these and discuss any that you find with our team when you contact us on the phone or send us an email for your free quote.

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