Exquisitely Moulded Plaster Ceiling Roses

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When deciding on the ornate features you need to complete the interior design of any room in an owned or managed property, you may need to consider your options for ceiling roses.

Below, we have provided a list of our ceiling rose design and style options from across the ages, separated by era so that you may browse through at your leisure and decide on the pieces which suit your building, refurbishment, or restoration needs best.

Read on to learn more about ceiling roses as a feature of interior décor, or explore the options we have listed to find the modish or sophisticated pieces that will provide the ideal finish for your property today.


What is a Ceiling Rose?

Ceiling roses are usually round, decorative features found on the ceilings of grand houses and other buildings. You will find them in a myriad of designs and styles by era of installation or inspiration, and they will mostly be found in use around larger light fittings, such as pendant lights or chandeliers.
Without a ceiling rose centre, a light fitting will never look as well-kept or immaculate as it could possibly be. This is because the true purpose of the ceiling rose is to obfuscate the fitting supports, fixtures, and electrical wires that would otherwise mar the aesthetically pleasing finish achieved for any interior décor.


Our Finely Crafted Plaster Ceiling Rose Designs

Our team of highly qualified and fully trained master craftsmen have worked for over 25 years to create a variety of large, medium, and small plain, dentil, floral or leaf plaster ceiling rose designs. Whether you are looking for ornamental Edwardian or Art Deco ceiling roses, we will have the moulds in place that you need already available, and can even create a completely new mould for you if you have a specific design in mind for your project.
Here, we have listed the ceiling roses we will be glad to mould and apply for you by era:

Georgian Era Ceiling Rose Design Options (1740 ‒ 1837)


To learn more about the ceiling rose designs of this era, please see our page on Georgian ceiling roses.

Regency Era Ceiling Rose Design Options (1795 ‒ 1837)


If you would like to find out more about ceiling roses and the designs available in the Regency era, please see our page.

Victorian Era Ceiling Rose Design Options (1837 ‒ 1901)


For more information on Victorian ceiling roses, please see our page.

Edwardian Era Ceiling Rose Design Options (1901 ‒ 1910)


To learn more about this era and its designs, please see our page on Edwardian ceiling roses.

Art Deco Period Ceiling Rose Design Options (c.1908 ‒ 1935)


For more information on the Art Deco period and the ceiling roses of this style, please see our page.

Modern Era Ceiling Rose Design Options


To learn more about the design options and styles available for modern ceiling roses, please see our page.


The Creation of Our Ceiling Roses

We will often use the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) when creating moulds for our products. This not only allows us to show customers the model before any pieces are made, but also ensures complete accuracy when the mould is being cut.
Whether you have been searching for a small, plain design to accentuate a pendant light fitting, or need a larger, more ornate piece exquisitely and precisely restored after decades of wear and neglect, we will have the most efficient and effective tools at hand to carry out the task.
As specialists in our industry, we aim to offer the greatest range of modern and traditional plastering services. This is why we are able to offer your pieces in fibrous plaster, lath and plaster mouldings, or even external lime plastering and render if you intend to have work carried out on the exterior of your property.


Contact Us Today for Quotes on Masterfully Made Pieces

If you wish to start placing an order on a ready-made or bespoke set of decorative ceiling roses, whether you need these made from fibrous plaster, lath and plaster mouldings, or even one of our other materials altogether, please contact us today.
We will be happy to serve by replicating any designs you would like, restoring your property to its former glory, or even giving an ornate and traditional charm to a newer project. Explore the selection we have today, or cast your eye over our already completed projects in order to gain inspiration for your own planned work.


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