Characterising Art Deco Ceiling Rose Designs for Restoration Work

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When performing restorative work to revitalise both the boldest and most subtle elements of an Art Deco-style property (c. 1908 ‒ 1935) or when making modifications to a newer build that will require decorative elements of the style itself, it is important to take into account every individual aspect of the interior design. This includes deciding on the perfect Art Deco ceiling rose, to preserve the immaculate appearance of the aesthetics already established in the rest of the interior space.

However, there may be lingering questions on your mind about how to identify an Art Deco ceiling rose when you need one for restoration or refurbishment purposes. We have provided more information on this below, alongside information relating to our work processes when crafting ornate decorative mouldings. Read on to learn more, or contact us on the phone or by email if you would like to start discussing what you need for your project today.


Identifying an Art Deco Ceiling Rose

image of modern french leaf ceiling roseimage of large swag and drop Adam ceiling rose

The most noticeable feature of anything crafted in an Art Deco style is the tendency toward bold, geometric elements and striking patterns.

These often make use of zig-zags, chevrons, sunrays, and other designs that could appear to “burst” from walls, windows, and ceilings. At its prime, Art Deco represented luxury, glamour and exuberance in a modern or contemporary finish – demonstrating and celebrating themes of escapism and fantasy, interwoven with the progression and advancement of technology and society as a whole.

The Art Deco-style ceiling roses you require for your property will reflect this, making use of geometric designs and vivid patterns that bring focus to the feature from any point in the room.

However, if you are unsure of what you need to ensure the interior design of your planned restoration or renovation work is wholly and perfectly complete, we will always be able to assist.


Our Art Deco Ceiling Rose Designs

Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience providing both ready-made and bespoke Art Deco ceiling roses for modern and period properties across the UK. We have provided a link below to the design we already have available for you to purchase immediately from our shop:

image of diamond Art Deco ceiling rose

As there is a myriad of possibilities for bespoke Art Deco designs, you will need to speak with a member of staff about transforming your ideas into a reality for your property.


Crafting Plaster Art Deco Ceiling Roses

Our craftsmen undertake meticulous work to craft and accurately recreate the most ornate bespoke designs for Art Deco ceiling roses. Mouldings may be modelled by hand or achieved using computer-aided design (CAD) in our own London workshops, both of which are utilised to ensure precision and accuracy for a flawless finished piece. These models of the finished design elements may then be presented to the property owners, for approval of the intended features before any manufacturing work is carried out.

This careful consideration of the property owner’s needs ensures that we are always able to produce pieces to specification. Whether they require a small Art Deco ceiling rose with a simple geometric pattern to blend with the aesthetics of a modern property, or even a larger design in an impressive chevron or sunray pattern to faithfully restore a piece lost to time and neglect, their needs will always be taken into account.

As industry professionals, we also aim to ensure we offer the widest range of services for both modern and traditionally made and applied plaster. This is why we will produce interior pieces in fibrous plaster, as well as offer interior lath and plaster work and external lime plastering and render, should your property require external finishes.


For Quotes on Specialist Plaster Mouldings

If you wish to start placing an order for finely made plaster ceiling roses in a stylish Art Deco design, please contact our London office to discuss exquisitely crafted bespoke options today. One of our team members will be glad to offer you a quote once they know what you require from our specialist service. Alternatively, you can also consider the ready-made design we have available online in our shop, which may be purchased for installation by a local service in your area if only minor restoration or refurbishment work is needed.

We will always be prepared to help you design the mouldings that are best suited to the history and aesthetic appeal of a property where restoration works have been planned, or to provide a timeless feature that draws the eye and brings a distinct, splendid decorative finish to any newer build.

It is also possible that the design you are looking for has already been achieved in our previous completed works. As such, we invite you to browse through our portfolio of projects and discuss these with our staff when you contact us to receive your quote and place your order.

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