Measuring cornices – metres and mitres!

how to measure internal and external mitres

We get a lot of great enquiries about restoring or conserving decorative cornices/coving. In order to give an accurate quote for cornice repair or to price up replacement plaster cornices, we require some measurements from you. Any specialist plaster company is likely to request the following bit of homework…


How to measure cornice

The first item we need to know is the distance measurement (length) of each coving run that needs to be restored, and what this totals for the room or rooms. If you are fitting new cornice to a whole room you should measure the full perimeter of the room.
Tip: New cornice is typically supplied in 3m lengths, but can sometimes be priced by the metre!

Secondly we require measurements from the end section of any existing coving (see Fig.1). The projection determines the distance into the ceiling the cornice covers. The drop is the distance down the wall the cornice covers.

And finally…the amount of external and internal mitres in the room/rooms in question (see Fig.2). Mitres are where the cornice turns through a corner, typically at 90 degrees, and requires a cut in a coving length.

Here are some helpful images to show you exactly what we mean.

how to measure projection cornice
Fig.1Β  How to measure cornice projection
how to measure mitres
Fig.2Β  How to measure mitres – image courtesy of Rayfields

Knowing these details helps specialist plaster companies like us understand the complexities of the work sections and allows us to quote in a timely fashion, therefore saving you (and us) time and the avoidance of any delays down the line.

If there are any other handy hints/tips you’d like us to cover, or if you’d like to speak to someone about what size cornice you need, please contact us.

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