Lime Plastering Advice And Tips

Whether you are a contractor needing to procure in this service or an interior decorator needing to understand the nuts and bolts of the differing terms. Here’s our lime plastering tips and advice you should consider before engaging on a lime plastering project.

  • Previous drawings – If you are seeking to replicate or restore a period look, it is advantageous to seek drawings from archives or deeds.
  • Budget – The above directly impacts this as detailed work will require a higher budget.
  • Deadline to completion – Look ahead in order that you/your customer can work it efficiently into your schedule.
  • Challenges to work around? Think about access, previous damage that we may need to know about.
  • Timing of project – Perhaps you will need to avoid factors such as risk of frost damage (due to ice crystals forming within the lime mortar).
  • Requirements – Decide whether to replace or repair.
  • Buildings Heritage – Grade-listed buildings may have strict rules to abide to. If a building is considered to be of special architectural or historic interest it will be included in a list of such buildings.

Do look out for further project tips and advice coming out on our blog over the next few months.

Or if there is anything you would like us to cover, please let us know here.



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