Working your way up the plastering ladder: Apprentice to fully qualified

image of fibrous plaster casting with two plasterers

If you’re thinking you can’t be a trainee plasterer because you know nothing about the industry, think again.

An apprentice or trainee can come to Artisan Plastercraft with little or no knowledge about the industry and learn the traditional and modern techniques we use while on the job, simultaneously gaining experience and earning potential, with the option to get a formal qualification along the way.

All we ask for is someone who is passionate about learning and willing to get stuck in.

To us, an ideal trainee is someone who is confident in dealing with and owning challenges. While you may not get it right each time, we want someone who can learn from their errors and is self-critical in a way that strives to achieve a high standard in anything they do. Reliability and responsibility are two traits that people who thrive in a career as a master plaster have in bucketloads.

Due to the nature of our work, a trainee needs to be physically able and it helps to maintain this through such activities as enjoying sporting pursuits outside of work.

Also, an ideal trainee or apprentice at Artisan Plastercraft would be a patient person – one who can take the time to learn and understand, trusting in the learning process.

image of plasterer working at bench

We work and train people at our base in Keston and on construction sites across London, so this isn’t the kind of work you can do remotely. Someone living or willing to be in this part of the world is vital.

It isn’t about knowledge in the industry as we say – we’ll teach you the restoration and conservation techniques and we’ll show you the commercial and residential environments we work in.

You’ll marvel at the Grade 1 & 2 listed buildings we work in to start with and over time, through experience and increased knowledge, you’ll marvel at it again from a different perspective, seeing different details in each building.

Artisan Plastercraft will teach you the difference between fibrous plastering and Glass Reinforced Gypsum, show you what Jesmonite and Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is and how to work with it.

Before long you’ll be eager to try your hand at manufacturing decorative plaster mouldings and creating bespoke products.

And while you’re doing this we’ll help you learn, progressing through our structured grading system, up to a fully experienced master plasterer potentially earning up to £55,000 a year.

It’s the person that’s important, the drive and desire we look for.

These are the kind of attributes we would look for in a successful candidate.

So, if this sounds like you and you’re interested, take a look at our careers page, submit your details and we’ll get in touch to discuss the opportunities available.

image of herbie thom cole artisan plastercraft apprentice

Meet Herbie:

Herbie started at Artisan Plastercraft as a 16-year-old apprentice in 2022 with absolutely no experience or knowledge about the industry, but a passion to learn.

In little over 12 months he completed grade one and two qualifications in plastering and is making a big impact on the team.

He doesn’t always get it right, but Herbie owns his mistakes and learns from them.

He’s now carrying out jobs on site such as fixing including cleating, wiring, wading, using screws, 

cutting casts, lifting and has also increased his general understanding of safety.

His managers have described Herbie as someone who works hard, whatever task he has been set.

They said he is someone who listens, learns and remembers methods of work – who is mature beyond his years and is reliable and presentable at all times.

Herbie’s managers also commented on how ‘refreshing’ it is to see a young man who will look at his work and is conscious of the standard required, who has the potential to be a very good all-round plasterer.

You can learn more about Herbie and his journey here.

Does Herbie’s story inspire you? Think you’re like him and could succeed in the role? Visit our careers page to learn how to become a Master Plasterer.

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