Specialists in heritage and bespoke plasterwork for conservation and restoration projects

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A bit about us:

Artisan Plastercraft is an acknowledged specialist in plaster restoration, bespoke plasterwork, and Lath & Lime plaster – with a breadth of experience ranging from large Grade I listed buildings to small private residences. Our professional team comprises designers, model and mould-makers, skilled craftspeople and project managers – all dedicated to delivering the very best service, products and finishes.

What we provide:

Decorative & Ornamental Plasterwork

We manufacture and fit decorative plaster mouldings to fulfil your design ideals. Choose from a wide range of stock mouldings (including period pieces) or our bespoke service.

Period Plaster Restoration

We are highly experienced in projects where originality is key; perhaps drawings are scarce or damaged. We ensure your project is completed to the right specification and protect your building’s period features.

Exterior Lime Plasterwork

We have the knowledge and experience to select the right materials to deliver a high-quality, long lasting finish that is in-keeping with the building’s history and presentation.

Ornamental Model & Mould Making

Our workshop team are able to create bespoke decorative pieces to your requirements or match to existing décor.

Specialist Lime Plasterwork

Whether damaged by water, fire, rot, or neglect, we have the skills to repair and restore your building’s lime plasterwork to its former glory.

Jesmonite / GRC

The ultimate chameleon material of the building industry, Jesmonite can be used both internally and externally to replicate period plasterwork and stone, providing a lightweight and cost-effective alternative.

Lath and Plaster Restoration

We work on projects of all types and sizes and have the best craftspeople to carry out restoration of lath and plaster ceilings and walls.

Examples of our work:


Client: Royal Academy of Arts
Contractor: John Sisk and Son
Location: London
Budget: £800k
Duration: 1 year
Category: Fibrous Plastering & Lime Plastering

Decorative image of hotel russell banqueting hall

Client: Hotel Russell/Principal
Contractor: S&T UK Ltd
Architect: Tiffany Neller EPR
Location: London
Budget: £1.1mn
Duration: 9 months
Category: Fibrous Plastering


Client: German Embassy
Contractor: Coniston
Architect: Uberraum
Location: London
Budget: £164k
Duration: 9 months
Category: Fibrous Plastering

Why choose us:

We pride ourselves on being experts in the creation and restoration of decorative plasterwork. As some justification, Artisan is proud to have been awarded the 2019 Gold Heritage Award and the 2019 Silver Fibrous and GRG Award by the Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS).

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