Fibrous Plastering - British Museum London

Artisan Plastercraft carry out plaster restoration surveys.

We come up with conservation and restoration solutions for London: theatres, museums and public buildings (including The Victoria and Albert Museum, Somerset House and The British Museum).

This complimentary survey studies the site environment, determining what can be conserved and what may need replicating.We provide plaster analysis and have the expertise to offer advice on any size of plaster restoration projects.

We are able to carry out all necessary repairs to and re-installation of existing plasterwork, whether it involves minor alterations on site, or the production of replica mouldings at our workshop.

Email us here is you have an plaster restoration survey enquiry.

Our theatres, museums and public buildings plaster survey and restoration work:

  • London Hippodrome
  • Lyceum London
  • Shaftesbury Theatre
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Victoria & Albert Museum London
  • British Museum London
  • Somerset House
  • Wallace Gallery
  • Bramshill Mansion