Bespoke Plaster Ceiling Design and Restoration

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decorative ceiling repair

As one of the leading providers of plaster restoration works and decorative plaster ceiling pieces for modern and listed buildings in the UK, we offer bespoke services for a new, beautiful plaster ceiling design. If you require further finishes, such as cornice or covings in a Victorian style for restorative purposes or a modern medallion to accentuate new ceiling lighting, a wide range of ornamental ceiling mouldings are also available.

Contact us on the phone or send us an email if you are ready to transform your designs into a new reality, or to bring a unique plaster element of the past to the present day. 

Our Professional Design Work for Plaster Ceilings

We will be fully prepared to carry out bespoke design work on any type of interior space you intend to restore or complete. As the owner or manager of any type of private or public property, we will collaborate with you closely and consult with you on every aspect of the project you have planned to ensure this is done as you have specified, from the production of your bespoke ceiling features to their eventual application.

Our Production and Installation Process

In some specialist cases, we may begin our work with an assessment of your property that ascertains its dimensions, and allows us to identify key points in your ceiling’s features that may inform the overall installation or application process. We may also need to seek advice from architects, interior designers, project managers, and heritage experts when preparing designs.  

Doing this ensures complete accuracy of design and fit, so that any ceiling design or moulding you have ordered as a restorative element will always remain accurate to the time period you wish to represent. As such, whether you wish to return a Georgian, Victorian, or even an Art Deco property to the ornamental appeal of its golden age, our master craftsmen will dedicate their time to making sure the work is carried out correctly.

Plastering Workshop


Each application and installation we provide will be as diverse in needs as the properties themselves. Because of this, we cannot claim to offer one specific process for any professional installation or application. In certain cases, mouldings may be prepared in our workshops and transported to their intended location, while in other cases we may prepare and apply the plaster on a ceiling directly, having prepared the material in situ.


In order to prepare an entirely new bespoke piece, we will fashion a mould for its creation from a hand-finished model prepared by our own specialist team. 

If your request for a bespoke design is linked to the restoration of original features found in the interior of an older property, we are also able to offer a match-to-existing service. This work is carried out using an impression mould on a suitable section, such as one of your property’s undamaged plaster ceiling roses or enriched cornices, which will then be used as the basis of a replica mould for the manufacture of a new, replacement piece.


The plaster pieces and applications we provide to complete bespoke plaster ceiling designs, whether these are for a Victorian property currently undergoing restoration work or for a modern home on the verge of completion, may be made in panels or individual enrichments from fibrous plaster. If it is deemed to be necessary for your property, we can also prepare and apply ceiling designs in a lime-based plaster.

We are also able to offer a lighter, stronger alternative to typical plaster mouldings if it is found that your project will require this as well.

Our alternate material for completing bespoke ornamental work for plaster ceilings is Jesmonite. This composite consists of a gypsum-based material in an acrylic resin and can be used to accurately replicate almost any surface, texture, or colour needed. If you are intending to restore the exterior of a property, it can even be utilised for this purpose under certain circumstances.

Plastering Workshop

For More About Our Service

For more information on the decorative plaster types used in our service, please see our page, or explore this website further for other material examples that may be presented as an alternative. You may also wish to look at examples of previous works that we have achieved across the UK, which can be found in our portfolio of projects, or contact us directly to have your questions and queries answered by a member of staff.

Contact Us for a Quote on Fine Ornamental Designs

If you require specialist assistance with the restoration of ornamental plasterwork for a ceiling from a bygone era, or even if you are in need of an exquisite decorative finish for the interior design of a modern build, contact us today. One of our members of staff will be glad to speak with you about your project and its specifications, before offering you an estimate based on the work that will need to be done.

Our team is fully committed to the exact replication and restoration of any unique, original design or moulding that completes the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling, as well as the crafting of your own decorative design ideas. Once we have confirmed what you would like from your order, we will then carry out the work that you expect completed to your exact specifications, and with the skill and professionalism that such work is owed.


We understand that choosing the right company for your project is important for project success, budget efficiency and your reputation.  We manufacture and install superior custom plaster mouldings, we re-create period plaster features as well as offering traditional lime plastering & lath and plaster.