German Embassy – London


Client: German Embassy
Contractor: Coniston
Architect: Uberraum
Location: London
Budget: £164k
Duration: 9 months
Category: Fibrous Plastering

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The scenario: Due to a large IT infrastructure upgrade, all existing ceilings needed replacing with new Pliquet Acoustic Systems ceilings and new plaster mouldings to match existing decorative plaster work. The building is grade-1 listed.

The challenges: All the ceilings were installed using mobile towers, therefore we worked within tight space constraints. In addition, the logistics of the building and getting materials onto site were challenging.

Our solution: In November 2015 we took our first site squeezes. We then created moulds from the site squeezes in order to reproduce: cornices, friezes, panels and other fibrous elements. Additionally, we installed the new pliquet acoustic ceiling. Some of the work entailed intricate cornices, recreating Corinthian columns and beaded paneling in Greco-Roman or French Rococo style.

The casts were produced in our workshop and installed on site by our craftsman. In total we had 12 men on site – working simultaneously from January to September 2016.

The work of restoring the plasterwork and ceilings spanned 11 differing rooms within the building.

Now that this work is complete it returns to a domicile for the ambassador and venue for international receptions and events – hosted by the German Government.

Images courtesy of Coniston Ltd, Eleanor Stedman