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At Artisan Plastercraft, we are fully prepared to offer our customers finely administered lime plastering in Suffolk, East Anglia. Whether they are attempting to save a worn, neglected interior space from the ravages of time, need to restore the protective layer on an exterior wall so it will withstand the elements, or would like to enhance the aesthetics of an entirely new build, we will be available to assist.

We understand the concerns that may begin to plague you when historic buildings in your charge start to show signs of their age. This damage will only become greater and more prominent as the years pass by, so it is a matter of urgency to see the damage undone as soon as possible. You may rest assured that it will be when you choose to work with us.

We are able to provide ready-made or bespoke plaster services upon request, offering precise recreations and the most fashionable designs whenever we are called. To see examples of this from our previous works, please refer to the case studies on display in our portfolio. Alternatively, you may decide you are ready to discuss the lime plastering required for your property in Suffolk. If this is the case, contact us today.

What is Lime Plaster?

Lime plaster is a popular variety of plaster building material, composed of a calculated ratio of sand, water, and lime. This will most often be non-hydraulic hydrated lime, which is otherwise known as slaked lime, high calcium lime, or air lime. In ancient times, it may have also contained horse hair to act as a reinforcing agent, and pozzolan to reduce the working time.

Traditional lime plaster will dry slowly. It does so by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air in the presence of moisture, and as such may take up to several weeks to set. The material may take up to a year to harden entirely.

This plaster should only be applied in temperatures above 5°C and, depending on the surrounding temperature when the material is first applied, may have an initial drying time of between one and three days.


The History of Lime Plastering in Suffolk

A time-honoured tradition of the county is its use of lime plaster finishes on buildings, particularly those which make use of a timber frame. From the 16th Century onwards, timber-framed buildings in Suffolk have been rendered in lime plaster and finished with a coat of lime wash. 


The Benefits of Applying Lime Plaster

When you select superior quality lime plastering for your building project in Suffolk, you will happily uncover a series of benefits and advantages that you may not have considered before. We have listed these below for your convenience:

  • Lime plaster is considered a breathable material, stabilising the internal humidity of the property it is applied to by absorbing and releasing moisture
  • The material’s elevated pH prevents the growth of mould and fungi
  • The material has the potential to last for thousands of years once set, owing to its extreme hardness
  • Lime plaster is water-resistant, so it will remain strong against the elements and can easily be used for exterior spaces as well as interiors
  • The material is environmentally friendly, as the manufacturing process creates less embodied carbon than the manufacture of cement. The material itself also reabsorbs carbon dioxide
  • Owing to this environmentally friendly nature, lime plaster remains the in vogue choice for modern building and restoration materials


For a Quote on Specialist Lime Plastering in Suffolk

If you are in need of a reliable, professional firm that’s dedicated to the fine application of lime plaster in Suffolk, contact us today. With over 25 years of experience in this industry, we are confident that we can offer any building or restoration project the beautiful, imperishable lime plaster it needs to achieve its most pleasing aesthetics.

By speaking with one of our members of staff, you will be beginning the process of transforming your interior or exterior space, using our high quality lime plaster. They will be happy to discuss everything you need for your planned project, before offering you an estimate for the work we will carry out.


What We Do

We are proud to offer skilfully performed lime plastering in Suffolk, offering our services as master craftsmen and dedicated plasterers across the whole of the county. We provide customers with a timeless, completely resistant finish that will rejuvenate the aesthetics of any older property, or bring out the full potential of newer builds. This ordered material can be applied to most property types, whether you are on a mission to restore a Grade I listed building, or need an ultramodern renovation project to look stylish inside and out.

Our work doesn’t simply end at lime plastering in Suffolk, either. If you should so choose, we are also prepared to offer lath and plaster mouldings for walls and ceilings, or decorative pieces and applications in fibrous and polished plaster varieties. These will be carefully moulded upon request, and may be ordered from the designs we already have available or created as a bespoke design. If you would care to consider these as options for your building project, please do not hesitate to speak with us today.


How We Work and Where

To understand where we rank amongst other lime plasterers and plastering service providers in Suffolk, you need only look towards some of the most prestigious buildings and landmarks found in the UK. You will find examples of our work adorning the walls and ceilings of palaces, embassies, art galleries, and even the Houses of Parliament. Because of this previous experience, we are more than certain that we will be able to provide your managed property with the care and attention required.

The specifications you provide for us will be our highest priority throughout the process. We will ensure that they remain as such from the moment you contact us to start placing your order, until the project concludes and you are presented with the final quote for the work carried out.

Speak with us on the phone or send us a message here on our website whenever you are ready to begin work on your Suffolk property. We will be glad to begin the discussion and may start to take note of any specifications, if this is possible at the time. Once these have been recorded for our plasterers and craftsmen and you are ready for us to continue, we will then set a date to travel to your property and demonstrate our expertise.


We understand that choosing the right company for your project is important for project success, budget efficiency and your reputation.  We manufacture and install superior custom plaster mouldings, we re-create period plaster features as well as offering traditional lime plastering & lath and plaster.